Lecture #15: Denoising

Computer graphics in Game development

Ivan Belyavtsev


Number of ray and denoising issue

Aim of real-time computer graphics is to produce the image as soon as possible.

Sampling techniques

From: [1]

Accumulation techniques

  • Reproject previous frame with current camera position
  • Compute the current frame
  • Blend previus and current frame [1]

“Denoising” experiment


  • Remove anisotropic lights
  • Make the image noisy (add more bounds and make it MC like)
  • Use blue noise texture insted of uniform random numbers
  • Accumulate all frames to single one

“Denoising” experiment


From: https://github.com/djbelyak/rt-template/blob/master/references/denoising_up.png

“Denoising” experiment

  • Frame is drawn faster
  • Frame is very noisy
  • Accumulated image looks very realistic


1. Galvan A. Ray tracing denoising [Electronic resource]. 2019. URL: https://alain.xyz/blog/raytracing-denoising.