Lecture #13: Anti-aliasing

Computer graphics in Game development

Ivan Belyavtsev


Kotelnikov’s theorem

If a function $x(t) $contains no frequencies higher than \(B\) hertz, it is completely determined by giving its ordinates at a series of points spaced \(1/2B\) seconds apart.

Super sampling anti-aliasing

  1. Trace more than 1 ray per pixel
  2. Blend resulted colors


Anti-aliasing implementation

“Anti-aliasing” experiment


  • Implement super-sampling anti-aliasing
  • Check the quality

“Anti-aliasing” experiment


From: https://github.com/djbelyak/rt-template/blob/master/references/anti_aliasing.png

“Anti-aliasing” experiment

What is the new knowledge?

  • SSAA is easy to implement
  • SSAA is the most expensive way