Lecture #10: Ray object intersection

Computer graphics in Game development

Ivan Belyavtsev


Sphere intersection algorithm

From: [1]

Plane intersection algorithm

From: [1]

Möller-Trumbore algorithm

From: [1] [2]

“Möller-Trumbore algorithm” experiment


  • Implement sphere intersection
  • Implement MT algorithm

“Möller-Trumbore algorithm” experiment


From: https://github.com/djbelyak/rt-template/blob/master/references/mt_algorithm.png

“Möller-Trumbore algorithm” experiment

What is the new knowledge?

  • How to implement intersection function for primitives
  • How to implement closes hit function


1. McGuire M. The graphics codex. 2.14 ed. Casual Effects, 2018.

2. Möller T., Trumbore B. Fast, minimum storage ray-triangle intersection // J. Graph. Tools. USA: A. K. Peters, Ltd., 1997. Vol. 2, № 1. Pp. 21–28.