Lecture #06. Ray tracing. Camera rays

Computer graphics in Game development

Ivan Belyavtsev


Recall: rasterization pipeline

Cornell box

Rasterizer vs original

Rasterizer result Original

Wave–particle duality of light

From: https://me.me/i/light-s-olar-system-wave-particle-duality-intesifies-5a1956376a2d4ceab14afca19bae5409

Mathematical definition of ray



Ray tracing idea

From: [1]

Turner Whitted demo (1979)

From: [2]

Raytracing pipeline

From: [3][4]

Ray generation

Ray generation method generates primary rays (camera rays) and call Trace ray to evaluate the final color of each trace.

Pinehole camera model

From: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Pinhole-camera.png

Camera ray-casting

Ray casting from position, direction, right and up vectors


Miss shader

Miss shader is called when Trace ray haven’t found any intersection

From: [3][4]

Default scene

Miss sharer is used to generate a scene without geometry. Could be pure color, sky, terrain, etc

by Morgan McGuire

Lab: 2.01 Ray generation

  1. Implement set_render_target, set_viewport, and clear_render_target methods of raytracer class
  2. Add render_target, camera, and raytracer in ray_tracing_renderer class
  3. Implement ray_generation and trace_ray method of raytracer class
  4. Implement miss_shader, image clearing, calling ray_generation, and saving in ray_tracing_renderer class


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